SoftCity is the first social commerce website dedicated to software enthusiasts. The online site merges a social media community with an online shopping marketplace to purchase software. SoftCity developers, users and experts interact in a community via the SoftCity Café that provides knowledge, expertise, and resources as well as a chance to earn SoftDollars, a virtual currency, to use in the SoftCity Marketplace. The Marketplace provides users the chance to try and buy software while earning more SoftDollars for each purchase. For the first time, software users have one online community for all their software needs. Visit and become part of the first community for software enthusiasts.

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Blaise Rabaud
Co-Founder & CEO of SoftCity
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SoftCity creates online community for software enthusiasts.


SoftCity – Social Commerce Meets Software.


SoftCity Cafe – Knowledge Sharing Social Community for Software Experts.

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A conversation with Blaise Rabaud, co-founder, SoftCity
and Bruno Vanryb, co-founder, Avanquest Software

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Softcity: It's not what you think


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